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Story of Bridget

At the age of six, Bridget was playing soccer and was kicked between the shinguard and cleat. That’s a very small spot in a six-year-old little girl but we later learned that she fractured her tibia in that spot. The fracture lead to questionable x-rays and within two weeks Bridget was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of bone cancer. Osteosarcoma, a very rare bone cancer would be the diagnosis that Bridget would soon battle. 

In order to receive the best care, Bridget and her mom moved from Scottsdale Arizona to Memphis Tennessee. Saint Jude children’s research Hospital would be Bridgets home for the next 10+ months of treatment. 


Bridget underwent 10 rounds of chemotherapy, followed by amputation of her right leg below her knee, followed by another 30 weeks of grueling treatment. Bridget left the hospital free of disease but would leave with many side effects.  A blood clot in her heart, permanent hearing loss, osteoporosis, and two fractured femur’s would be more that Bridget would battle. 


After re-learning to walk 3 times with 7 plus therapies a week, Bridget just celebrated her 9th birthday and is now a fourth grader and starting to run again!

Bridget loves makeup. She’s already a personal make up artist for her Mom and anyone she can get her hands on. Bridget would love to design her own make up palette. She wants to use it as a fundraising tool to support more kids like her at St. Jude‘s. 


Bridget is an equestrian. She loves anything and everything horses. Bridget has a service dog named Reed. The two are inseparable! 

Bridget has an older brother, Brendan who is 13. He’s an avid golfer often competing in youth tournaments Even though, the wish/fundraiser would be to support Bridget, I always like to do something special for the siblings. Siblings are often left to fend for themselves. They are left home alone or with family members for long periods of time. Family life is completely turned upside down for them. Siblings usual battle a silent emotional battle of their own. 


When the pandemic hit, Mom was furloughed from her job. As of this month, her position has been permanently terminated. Meaning, Bridget would lose her medical insurance. The purpose of the fundraiser is to support the family financially and grant a wish for Bridget. 

The fundraiser for the Korn family will be held on Sunday, September 20 at 9:00AM. It will be a “SUPER CARS AND COFFEE” fundraiser. The event will be by private-invite only, due to Covid19. 


Location: Right Toyota

Address: 7701 E Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Date: Sunday, September 20th

Time: 9:00AM

Entrance/donation: $50 (more is welcome)


I greatly appreciate your willingness to learn more about Bridget and to offer your support. 


Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Best wishes,


Jane D’Amelio

Director strategic Philanthropy and Partnerships 


•Right Toyota

•Right Honda

•Toyota Of Huntington Beach 

•Claremont Toyota 

•David Wilson‘s Toyota of Las Vegas


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